Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day of 2012.


As usual,
what have I achieved in 2012?

1. learnt korean in korea
2. took up dance in korea
3. did some volunteer services
4. learn how to live independently by myself.
5. got a boyfriend? ㅎㅎㅎ

what should i strive to do in 2013~~
1. as usual, my dream.
2. recording more dance covers and maybe even song covers.
3. work hard for my dance.
4. if I get into sungkyunkwan uni, study hard.
5. be fillial, do what's right.

Happy New Year!
Remember the falls, work towards your future!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back in Seoul - shopping?

Hello people,
Mireen is here to recommend some shopping places
that she has been.. ^^

Myeong dong
You can be guaranteed that there will be a lot of foreigners
down there. So whats famous in Korea? Make up.
So you can find all different kind of make up shops there.

Banila co.
The face shop.
Natural Republic.
The skin food.
Holika holika.
Tony Moly.
Bavi Phat.
even some of other brands that I don't really take note of. :D

They have a few shops for clothes that won't let you leave feeling
ZARA - 2 branches
Mango - 2 branches
Forever 21 - strongly recommended for singaporeans - summer clothes, find it here.
H&M - recommended too, having sales right now.
SPAO - for SM artiste fans.
Uniqlo - 2 branches - get your heatech!

That's about all. will go on to other places that you guys can shop~~

you can leave a comment to let me know where you want me to post on.