Thursday, November 22, 2012


I am back in Singapore.


No Sad/Happy feeling about it though. Kind of feel excited meeting friends that I have not meet for a long time though. >.<

Someone said that I will blog by saying…

I miss my bf I miss my bf I miss my bf I really miss my bf.

Haha. Yeah I do. ):

I am having a small performance soon for the Christmas season. And its next coming Saturday :O Super fast! >.< It’s just right after I am back from Korea. Haha. Anyway.. hopefully I do a good job of it~~

Next up for me to have a headache about is my 21st birthday celebration….



WHAT. My parents are giving me a headache of it where to do it at. Seriously.. It’s my birthday you know. Oh wells, they are just trying to help me (: (Always being thankful)

And I will be going to Korea next month again. (YES AGAIN) for taking interview for acting degree in Sungkyunkwan University ^^

Anyway I am working now so I shouldn’t be blogging here.

See you. When I see you. ^^V

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