Thursday, November 22, 2012


I am back in Singapore.


No Sad/Happy feeling about it though. Kind of feel excited meeting friends that I have not meet for a long time though. >.<

Someone said that I will blog by saying…

I miss my bf I miss my bf I miss my bf I really miss my bf.

Haha. Yeah I do. ):

I am having a small performance soon for the Christmas season. And its next coming Saturday :O Super fast! >.< It’s just right after I am back from Korea. Haha. Anyway.. hopefully I do a good job of it~~

Next up for me to have a headache about is my 21st birthday celebration….



WHAT. My parents are giving me a headache of it where to do it at. Seriously.. It’s my birthday you know. Oh wells, they are just trying to help me (: (Always being thankful)

And I will be going to Korea next month again. (YES AGAIN) for taking interview for acting degree in Sungkyunkwan University ^^

Anyway I am working now so I shouldn’t be blogging here.

See you. When I see you. ^^V

Friday, November 9, 2012

Dance Cover- Miss A's I don't need a man

Hello people~

here's mireen coming up with a dance cover~
Miss A's I don't need a man
actually it's even without a man i live well
(i think? but because its in the lyrics so they wrote it like that)
Do you? haha

Anyway didn't practice much so.. yeah. and I danced
with a damaged neck -.- lol.

Please kindly let me know where to improve on, what you think
i did well in ^^ and share it, like it, show it yeah~ haha just joking.

thanks for watching!

여러분들~  안녕하십니까잉 ^^

여기에 미린이 댄스 안무 올라했습니다..
미스에이의 나는 남자 없이 잘 살아~
많이 사랑해주세용 :D
그리고 많이 부족하지만 혹시 어떻게 더 잘할 수 있을지 꼭 말씀하세용.

대단히 감사합니다잉.


hello people. :D

I'm finally going back to Singapore next Sunday (OH NO!)
I DO miss my friends and family but not to what i have expected
(its lesser than i thought maybe im just heartless ): 나쁜 미린이! )

but yes I am leaving Seoul.
without joining any artiste company. >:

BUT. here's what i gained.
1. living independently (without parents' care, supposingly its important still)
2. learning to cook
3. learning to laundry (lol, i didn't even used my home's washing machine once okay)
4. OF COURSE, learning korean language
5. exploring Seoul and.... gapyeong? I'm supposed to go Busan and Jeju also BUT. no $$.
6. practicing korean conversation? haha
7. making new friends
8. learning new dance genre
9. improve my dance
10. 내 남친이 <3>
So apparently, i still think its worth it.

I told my mother that i am possibly taking up acting course in Korea.. why?
1. something out of the box
    (you have to do it once in your life seriously, like rollar coaster or bungee jumping, just that this is more serious, it affects your/my future.)
2. 내 남친이
3. finding an artiste company
4. working in korea
5. continue my language
6. oversea degree seems better than a sim uni cert.... no? not sure.
7. get more job opportunities (because i study something different from business)

bad idea why?
1. singapore uni 2 years, korea 4 years (means i graduate when i am bloody 25. holy shit)
2. singapore seems to be cheaper, somehow. maybe not?

hmmm.... but the main problem at the moment now is to persuade my dad. haha
i'm his precious daughter yeah <3>expecting a big NONONONONONONONO!

anyway. i'm going for a korean wedding dinner tomorrow for the first time haha.
after that going to pension again with my bf and his friends~ kyaaaa ^^
신난다! ㅎㅎㅎ

have a good weekend!
and its really cold in korea now, so whoever coming to korea please.

and >: don't think i will be getting much pepero ㅠ.ㅠ 히잉.
happy pepero day people~