Monday, August 6, 2012

how do you see mannerism?

hmm. not long ago (last month?)
our teacher was discussing with us about guys
buying girl's meal.

so the question is, will we be able to find that kind of guys?

haha. perhaps only 1 or 2 out of 10 will be that gentleman
who is willing to pay for it for their pride or rather "face".

at that time i was thinking... yes its kind of mannerism
and it would be nice if a guy can do that~

but also at the same time, girls that who take advantage
of that is becoming more and more? so those are the bad examples.
"bad girls" i would say. haha. you should always
feel thankful to guys who buy you meal and maybe once
in a while you can buy them back?

our teacher also shared with us that there was once when a girl
and a guy who was dating and it was always the guy who paid for
the meals. however, one day the guy realised that he forgot to bring
his wallet out so he was kind of shocked (you know guys always need
their pride, you can't simple ask the guy to go and wash the dishes
right?). so he went to told the waiter that he will come back again
to pay for the meal, but the waiter said that they need some kind
of "deposit" like phone? and guess what the girl did? the girl HAS the money
but she just asked the guy to leave his phone here.

if it was me, i would gladly pay for the meal without the guy knowing..
the girl is like.. so self centered. sighs*

and nowadays more and more girls are taking things for granted.
maybe not just girls but everyone?

we should always have a thankful heart to every thing around us.
be it your parents, be it your friends who pay for your coffee. everything.

i hope that i will still be able to find that kind of guys out there with
proper mannerism. ㅋㅋㅋ

맨너있는 남자 찾을수있으면 좋겠당.. ^^

오늘 엠비 했다. 더 하고싶네~

Saturday, August 4, 2012


요즘 바빠서 브럭을 봇해서요.. 휴~

anyways. had fun with my sisters perline and peggy ~
they came to korea to find meee~ not really but i'm part
of the reason. hehehe LOVE THEM <3 p="p">
anyways. recently i've been thinking about or rather reflecting
about my own character/personalities. Guess that I always have
this period when this kind of thing naturally comes to me.

anyway its 12.22am and i'm going to sleep soon
after doing my lesson's materials.

have a good night rest everyone~ or morning?