Monday, July 23, 2012

Lesson 2. Groove

So i went for my 2nd dance lesson with him last thursday.
and the lesson topic was.


its like drawing a line with your body starting from the music when
you feel it coming in and until it totally stops.

sadly, did not really catch it i mean i tried but got the wrong technique..
its not about following the beats and tempo of the music but
using them as something to highlight your dance.

anyways! it was greattt~

and i went for my 3rd day of volunteer and
yeah~ i met some of the kids i saw during the
mustard seed camp. they were so glad to see me
and was hugging me hahaha.

sad to say.. i left out one of the kids who seems
to be hm. lonely or rather out of the clique? quiet
and reading comics alone at a corner. and his skin
wasn't looking good. i'm not really sure if he's been
beaten by someone.. but he didnt wanted my offer
of sweet and chocos and whatsoever i tried.
so i could only pat him on his back.. *sighs*

share your love throughout the world.
make it a better place. (:

having exam on wed n thurs! ):

爱情是否就像是弹吉他一样呢?熬多一下,弹多一点 就会慢慢 慢慢开始不痛了。

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How's life going on? SWAGGGG. dance like you mean it.

haha just want to share with you guys this rapping that I happened to view upon
after searching simon d as I will be going to his concert this coming saturday~


So i had my dance class with this damn dope and hm. strict teacher whom i
heard he's actually one of the jyp coach~ (damn dope I know)

And I had a great time learning dance with him.

At first I was really stressed about taking his classes as its only my 2nd
lesson at korea, maybe my standard is not up yet?? So yeap. But
It was. GREAT.

He was telling hiphop is not just about technique and more about

what's swag?

its about dancing LIKE YOU ARE REALLY DOING IT.

be it to be pointing, swinging, punching someone, throwing a ball,
rapping or even just popping. it can be dimensional.

Just popping can be a way to show who YOU are. like a YOH!

hahaha. anyway. looking forward to take his classes~ kyaaa~