Saturday, June 30, 2012

13th day..

Hello! Here to blog about my 2nd &3rd day in seoul after 905893581 of days. Lol.
so yeah. met reg on the 1st day..

on e 2nd day we went to rilakuma cafe so that she can get her bear back to yeosu~~
met some nice waiter there. haha
here's reg ~!

bef coming to the rilakuma cafe we went for lunch at mr pizza~
the crust with sweet potato~~ 

after that we did our nails..
ending the hm toour? at sookmyung station we went to chang deok gyung since
gyeongbokgung was close on tues. :D
its actually the most beautiful palace as stated on a website..

 our princess looking at her 侵殿

aft that, dokbokki! and japchae at dongdaemun bef
she kills me with shopping our shopping starts!

heres our nails~

next day.. meet jimmy (pocks) to go hongdae for our hair.
after that, ate the spicy fried chicken mixed rice~
after some shopping, we went to find the dog cafe~~!
sadly bau house was moved so i checked around with the people
nearby and we found the place!

it is at hapjeong station exit 3! :D

here's reg ~ 

after that we went to send reg off ):
unfortunately she missed her ktx, so she took a later train~
must be tired **

heres jimmy and his wife bef she goes back to yeosu!

following day had my placement test~~
and at night i went to eat with eric, one of the tour guide
in korea who works for dynasty travel during natas fair.
haha. had super delicious sashimi meal!
and shocked by the alive octopus still moving around when
i eat it OMG.
will post the pictures soon!

and i gotta slp soon~ yea im a pig. :D
see you soon readers!
i mean virtually.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

9th going to.. 10th.

at 8.58pm 26june here i am reflecting on myself.

looking back at the days i have spend in seoul, what have i did?

i would say nothing much. *give myself a virtual tight slap*

wheres the study hard, dance hard, practice singing and
composing song went to? *SIGHS*

its time to buck up MIR!

anyway my new korean name (translated from chinese) is 황미혜~
nice name i would say. haha ^^

guess i have to start the dance lesson soon. and yes i realise that

i need to know more korean friends~
start composing my lyrics~
yes im working hard, but its just start of the course~
yes i need to prac singing, hmm maybe practice like a 10mins everyday?

oh yes i have finally signed up for a volunteering work where
i get to teach the korean children. can't wait! its on 14&15 july.
i get to meet some koreans too!

and now im wondering what i can get from the course cause im
supposed to come out with it so that i can write in one of the form that
the teacher gave me..

learn korean? know more friends? know more korean culture?
what else can i get? I DON'T KNOW!

kay i got to cook for my own meal like twice alr? BULGOGI~
it wasn't bad but i kind of don't like the beef taste. so, no more beef.
i bought it cause it was on sale (i have become an ahjumma omg)

in a short span of er 9 days? i almost spend like a 600 sgd? (101.53 on my new hair colour)

kay im jumping my thots here and there..

i DO feel lonely sometimes, considering that i have to eat alone at my home.
so what? i gotta live with it. guess it will get better after i know more
korean friends. :D

sometimes its good to feel emo.. i haven't felt it for a long time. LOL
its kind of really um depressing to see couples everywhere in korea?
that's why relationship in korea is so on the trend i guess.. haha.

kay. i shall do my homework and yes. buck up mir. eat finish yr garlic bread! lol

oh before i forget,
study is a lifelong journey..
there's this new student that is like 70++ 80++ years old? damn dope.
and i love my teacher ms sami! shes like so cheerful and cute. haha

love school! <3 can't wait for the after sch activities to start~ my culture activities~

Welcome to Seoul ~

Hello people,
I'm reallyy sorry that my post is like over the deadline..
after that i have promised to blog since er.. last week? haha

anyway wanted to blog about something that happened last last week (HEOL)

kay.. after i went to shinhwa concert on the 17/6. for free. and only for the last 30 mins -.-
due to my performance,
me and louis oppa went for supper :D (thanks for the treat!) 
erm on sunday when i was uploading the pictures but unfortunately
i fall asleep watching the hongmenyan,
i felt like eating the sambal vege SOOOOOOOO MUCH.
someone bring me sambal chinese i mean chilli please!
sambal chilli JU SE YO~
here's a photo of the food to satisfy and ingite my -.- er cravings..

and after that day, ate pizza with my bu mo nim at home (da baoed it)
went to eat dinner with my parents, grandma and my sis perline and her mum,
off to the airport i go...~

was supposed to just meet jas at the airport
and yes i was surprised. HAHA.
how should i put it?
i don't really take things for granted or i do not like to over anticipate
thanks for coming~ :D
was really touched inside. haha.
and thanks for the pressie! LOL at the photo =.="

thanks for joanne and stella for coming down <3
thanks javion oppa~ kyaaa my luan sheng brudder.
thanks millet family: jasmine, huanjie laoshi, wenhao, nat, iris, ian, jimmy, yanning, miaoru (wanted to call her queen but i think she don't like it) lol, ken, eric and wendy!

you know i love you guys! kyaa~ can't wait to meet you guys when im back from kooorea~ yes im missing you guys right now. NOW. at korea time 26 june 08.35pm at 7th heaven cafe . lol.

not forgetting to thank my parents (who i don't think will read my blog)
my uncle and ah zim and my cute i mean handsome bro jun jie!
of course not forgetting my beloved sis and her mum~
i have mentioned jav above alr. so yeap <3

photo bef i board the plannnneee

haven't see sunrise on a plane before right! kay im lame.

so i took the airport limousine bus to my guest house where i will be staying with
reg for a few days (yes im finally meeting her after a mth)
if you guys are going korea, please visit
for more informations where you can go to seoul.. there's quite a few choices.
i recommend the limousine bus that im taking or um train? theres a new (not really new) express train straight to hongdae and seoul station :D
my ticket was 10000won = sgd 11++?

so this is the street where my home is located along~

samgyupsal with reg dear that night! 18/6

this green pepper kill us both. like -.-"
the person told us that it is realllllyy spicy. but
being me, feeling bored,
i told reg lets try one each.
i ate a small piece like 1mm? and my dear reg just bite like a 1 cm off.
and it start to....

i thot it was okay, seeing her burn so much i thot maybe i shld.. try?
so i bite the one that she bit, and yes.
gulp like 73189753891578391 water. no luh, just a few glasses. hahahha

after that, we went to dongdaemun for some late night shopping and went to cafe bene for some coffee and ice cream. i swear its naise. kyaaa~ 

will upload my blog one day by.. one day? i try!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Korea countdown: 5 days


Surprisingly, i didn't blog yesterday because I was busy doing QAD's homework

200 sounds - 50% chinese, 30% english, 20% foreign language.

I'm pretty done with the chinese left with the other 2. *sighs*

Kay, back to main page, as what my post title tells you, yes I am flying to Korea in 5 days.
*countless times I have been telling people*
This coming sunday~~~ Excited? Kind of..
But I miss my family and friends.
It just seems so unreal that I won't be seeing my parents for 5 months.
(homesick) and I will be like worried for my grandma as she
is still bedridden. *sighs*

I still have not packed my luggage, the money tht I have transferred
has not gone into my citibank acc at the moment.. I have not done my goodbyes
well enough..

Sometimes I do wonder if people will miss me.. Do they?
Maybe quieter seems to be a better idea.
I'll come back with a different me.

So I am gonna promise myself that I will study hard, compose lyrics,
practise singing, dancing.. source for talent agencies..

AND YES. finally I am starting my volunteering work! Kyaaa~

Will be meeting reg like.. NEXT MONDAY~ haha.

I was thinking about if I will be uhm. tearing when I say goodbye,
but that is so just not me? Maybe I will.. or not?

Looking forward to my goodbye meetups..
Tomorrow MIB movie with my dear young brother JunJie for MIB,
Night dinner with Donnie..
Thurs - having lunch with Jav.. Night P crew
Fri - Dinner with my LAOPOS <3, Shuffle with my millet fam,
Sat - Performance with my scandal and SHINHWA CONCERT! kyaa~
(hyesung, can't wait to hear your voice)
Sunday - Family dayy~ night flying off. :D

Sounds busy. in fact i am. haha.

will miss you guys! definitely blog about korea when I have the time~

Tuesday, June 5, 2012






Hello people, mir is back to blog again. *just because I am working. (muahaha)

Catherine was asking me if I am like very anticipating to go korea since I will be departing like NEXT Sunday. Like a woah, its just next week!!!!

And it’s kind of good that I am going for this study trip in a way or two..
I get to refresh my mind, perhaps change my character? Haha, a runaway from my dad’s nagging (actually not, since he can call me everyday HAHAHA you know how apps work nowadays, its free!) I have to pack up my own room; and I get to do a change in my wardrobe. :D

And YES. I’m meeting my dear~ REG on the day I reach which is the 18th. And meeting Neo shaoye on 20th. Wheeee! I have done up the itinerary in an hour? LOL. But it is not confirm yet, and wendy might be coming too on the 29~ :D

Basically, since my dear is coming on a shopping trip, almost everywhere we go are shopping areas/street/district. Lol.


Reach at 8pm, we go for dinner then back to guesthouse to put bag..
Guest house website :
I booking the basic twin room. (20k each person)
Maybe jjimjilbang? If there’s any nearby.
Breakfast at tous les jours? / dunkin donuts/ starbucks~ Bbang goom teo (nearby have)
move to my hostel just few mins walk away..

Sinchon? For rilakuma shop and maybe breakfast (we see how, theres a few café there)

lets go RILAKUMMAAAAA CAFE! or maybe should we have our breakfast there? o.o

apgujeong (aquarium?) but here mainly quite ex shopping but got bookstore.. if not we can go another station we can walk along some rodeo street..

N seoul tower - evening going dark timing (can see evening view and night view at the same time hees ^^ )

myeong dong (just nearby, we gotta walk up to the cable car... )

dong dae mun (shop till morning? we can rest at cafe den save taxi fare.. haha) there's 24 hrs cafe or we can go JJIM JIL BANG! ^^, we can walk at cheonggyecheon stream also, very near. And we can go take some photos at the gate.

breakfast agn~

Go hongdae for reg's hair treatment, jimmy dying hair.

Lunch here – there’s this place w the fry spicy chicken rice (mae eun dak bo ggeum bab?)
shop/ go the dog café?

After that want go han river? or insadong.. or we can try going to the seoul express bus terminal got a lot of shopping, but i not sure if renovation finish or not..

after that dinner?
:D totally like a shopping itinerary right. haha. that's what she wants. hmm~

anyway was pissed with singtel just now, called to suspend my line for 5 months is that that DIFFICULT?
otherwise you want me to just leave it there and waste money? HOW NICE. hopefully they give me a favourable answer. hm. if they are not going to suspend it and make me pay, maybe i should change to starhub. lol.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

photoshoot tml~

Kyaaa~ haven't done photoshoot in awhile~
Was browsing through the cfs and photoshoots and saw upon this..

was looking for rilakkuma cafe for my dear regina and I FOUND THIS~ wheeee