Saturday, December 31, 2011


its coming to an end of a year once again, the nineteenth of my whole life.
And I am turning 20 next year which is the age that I dread most because I
WILL be touching 2. 2, TWOOOOOO! ):

its alright, I will remain 18 throughout my life. :D young at heart.

I have lagged on my posting again but for today, I would just like to blog
about what I want to achieve next year..

1. JYPE/Alpha audition – taking place on 14/15 January..

Definitely will do my best for this audition. Whether I get chosen or not,
I will have to depend on my fate and luck. (:

2. Ending of my internship – reflection on the things that I had done during
my internship at Dynasty Travel..

3. Going to Korea for study in June..
That is if I don't get chosen in Singapore, so I will be able to go for the
audition no matter how many times I want. (haha) but if I still don't get
it, I guess I have to train much more..

4. Post dance/dance cover on my channel..
Planning to choreograph my own dance perhaps once a month or cover a
dance.. In this way, I will be able to keep improving and know where I am
standing at..

Since I am at it, my birthday is coming counting down from 13 days! ^.^

some of my wishlist~

  1. wish that my dance will improve

  2. wish that my vocal will improve

  3. get to know more about acting..

  4. decide where I am heading forward to (what course for uni/singer's path)

  5. treat my parents even better~

  6. do my best for everything

  7. improve my korean language (esp when I am studying there)

8. get to know my relatives more. - realise we are not close ):

material wishlist (haha)

  1. I wanna get a calender diary!

  2. Get a new shoe for my new year.. ( I am going to buy myself)

  3. Clothes! (I prefer plain ones)

  4. Accessories~ earrings maybe? I've got a lot of necklace & rings alr.

  5. Bags?

  6. Books! - be it inspirational or fiction (thirst)

  7. I wanna go Todai and eat for birthday!

  8. Watches?

  9. New PHONE. Its time for me to change one!

10. Phone cover! Thinking if I should get iphone 4 or andriod ones =.=

11. MONEY!

what about yours? (:

Monday, December 26, 2011

여러분들 안녕하세요!

비스트 팬 있니?
their coming out presentation is so cool!
Can I jump to the stage the same way like them?



New year is coming!

shall be coming up with new year wishes
and to-do lists! :D

also, nail polish for chinese new year!

omg, i have a d&d on 11 jan also .___.
lucky it changed from 12 till 11 if not
i guess i will be a drunken dead meat....


i like this design! :D coped from

Friday, December 23, 2011

Rare lenticular clouds over West Yorkshire


think you will realise I am blogging
more frequently now.

With updates of travel industry,
my performing videos as well as some
of my personal life stuff. :D



I am too free at work. HAHAHAHAHA.

Just wish to share some beautiful clouds formation
that I happened to surf.

Unique, and.
Rarely seen..

Went to Girl generation's concert,
tuo wo perline jie jie de fu~

they are really not bad. haha!

Joyful season is coming!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and
A refreshing Happy New Year~!

Feel blessed that I have received some cards
and candies from my friends~

Made some cookies for my colleagues but its only
the 1st batch, i still have another 1 packet
to make~~


Be Happy!
one of my cookies came out in this shape!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

nice necklaces!
think is a new shop~

just went to my relative's wedding on Sunday!
some photos below~

omg so sweet of my cousin to dress up as a bear!

nice bridal dress! :D


for some people's benefit.



my birthday is cominggg!

anything will do. HAHA
just don't get me photoframes or
food =.=.... hmm. yah.

cards appreciated! XIE XIE <3

always wondering if i prefer
quantity or quality though.
very little present a bit depressing,
but if u get me 10 individual sweet
also a bit..

just being funny HAHA

rewrite of 错的人 by Elva Hsiao.

感动是 我对你的心跳
你回复的 却是你的冷笑
心动是 我对你的小草苗

你总是对我 视若无睹
可是我已经疲惫 不想再等待着他
想要忘记这一切都不容易 是否能换个他

微笑离开 你身边 是我的选择
却又想念过去的人 想能永远都靠着你的左侧
泪流了 心总是 多道伤痕的
能医我的人不在这 所以我窒息死了

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

왜 사람의심장 이렇게 못생겼니?
왜 그냥 좋은 마음 있는게 안돼요?





Sunday, December 18, 2011


do not get the previous dress for me, omg
it cost like 60bucks ~____~

HAHA. get me charles and keith instead! :X

once again like i said, dont think much ppl
read my blog~
Have you guys watched before My date with vampire 3
and Gong - palace lock heart jade?

Don't you think that these 2 guys look reallyyyyy
SIMILAR? Don't know if its just me though~

somehow he just look so familiar, don't know where I saw him in dramas..


Saturday, December 17, 2011


Guess everyone heard of giving and take
this kind of manners or whatsoever.

But i am so sick of giving and receiving
back nothing. and seriously, i dont mean presents.

so now onwards, i will only receive and give
back. selfish? yeah i am~

Thursday, December 15, 2011

oh dear.

How great, I am late for work again.

:D 1 more month to my birthday!