Sunday, October 30, 2011

Should I go for Korean Buffet or Japanese Buffet? :D

Both is tempting!

Korean buffet is cheaper but Jap IS NICEEEE.

I am getting married. (:

like real.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

there will always be some people who is out
there to bring you down.

but never ever give up just because of them.
because you will always do better because
they are just jealous of you.

let's work hard everyone! ^^V
guess you get to experience really a lot when
you start in your working life.

be it jealousy, envy, lack of thinking,
lack of sympathising, caring, etc etc.

You will never be able to please everyone.
so just please those who meant more to you.

somehow i feel more stress because I am an INTERN.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Tales of Gisaeng.

Omg, Ah Dam Oh is really a guy that
I do feel like marrying. HAHA. ok, not really.

Just fantasizing. ^^v

He has good body, handsome and rich.
Of course character is important as well..



Sometimes, people do feel inferior of others
because of their imperfection. I do too.

However, imperfection is the key to categorise
each and everyone in the world.

Do not feel inferior, because its what
makes you unique, even though sometimes
it may causes obstruction in your life.

May you find your own way to your heaven!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


guess all my course mates may be having a hard time.

and i will tell you why.


my dreams. haha and you will wonder WHY?

in the first week of work,
i dreamt that i was putting on plasters for my
feet because of blisters. like, what a dream man.

dreamt that an korea white itinerary book
was shooting acidic bubble foams at me. like,

feeling so helpless that i am hugging onto some
stranger in a dream. (think that I am searching for
reliance in dream?)

thats why. haha.

but i do learn a lot from my job.
in fact, i actually like it but not to the extend of
loving it yet. well, at least there is a certain
percentage of passion in it. well, i have it in most
job other than some.


seriously, there aren't decent guys out there huh.
why do i feel like almost all guys go for looks?
they can be interested in someone so easily.
that shows how easy are they i think.
or else they would have observe more before
giving others the message that, "hey, i am interested
in you."

should just stay in my drama world.
OMG Sung hoon is like so hot and handsome.
His character is so, incredibly cute and nice.


seriously but i am going to rant here
since no one reads my blog from fb (i think)

do i look like someone who will live on others?

if i do, will i bother to work like shit?

sometimes people don't understand you and they start
nagging and nagging: you shouldn't be doing this,

Seriously.. If you do not know one enough, don't comment.
IF you do, please use your brain before you comment.

you can actually hurt someone's feeling just because
of your clever assumption.

thanks and im done. HAH.