Tuesday, September 27, 2011

As a girlfriend,
i usually don't ask guys to get me
expensive stuff until we are serious.

because you will be throwing it away
anyway. thats why i haven't got any
couple rings before i guess. haha~
well its nothing to be envied of.
whats more important is the relationship
that you are having.

its just an item.

P.S. I am watching new gisaeng tales.
i think i am kind of similar with the girl
inside just that i am more dynamic in some sense?
#Capricorn's are very quiet, but once excited or comfortable we will become the most talkative person you know.
am i blessed by lady luck recently?

why so many boy*friends?

im back!

helooos. im back to blog!

like finally.

but im not sure if there
are people who will be reading but

thanks for viewing! :D

i clinched my first tour package today going to
Turkey! :D
btw i am working at a travel agency which is dynasty
travel for intern~!