Wednesday, June 29, 2011

debate~ oh my school~

Should artiste announce to the public that they are dating?
In my own opinion, I do not agree. I will list down few of the reason why as a female I do not agree.
• Usually, after you announce, fans will have a big reaction once you announce the “bad” news to them. For example, Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung.
• As you date, you received too much attention which may bring you certain stress level as you continue your relationship and there may be quarrels and misunderstandings. Especially if the male artiste have a high popularity among fans.
• The female artiste may get hurt due to violence caused by the fans as they are unhappy with the relationship.
• The couple may receive a lot of negative comments towards either the girl or the relationship that you are having.
• As the time goes on, naturally due to stress you will result in breaking up.

If I agree,

• I will agree because the guy that I am dating is true, understanding and protective.
• As an artiste, you should only announce if the relationship you are having is serious and you will go into marriage situation.

FANS. you should accept every concept that an artiste come up with because you have to be open minded. you can't expect them to stay the same forever.

you have to understand, artiste have their own lifes.
you can't expect them to not get into any r/s for ya.
they have to get married, so do you. (: