Sunday, May 29, 2011

WEIRD dreams.

haah i had weird dreams again.

i guess it is influenced by the
cockroach that i spotted in the kitchen.

had a dream about bug infestion in my
mother's room. super scary.
beetle, cockroach. omg. yuck.
i dreamt that i was spraying the baygon thing.

and i had another consecutive dream.
running man game. LOL.
but its kind of weird. i was playing
with my primary school mates. LOL.

well just random ;D

Monday, May 23, 2011

49 days.

Its really a well written story.

It is talking about a girl who had
passed away because someone suicided.
After that, she had to 'possess' on
someone and find 3 100% true tears from
3 different people.

She got it.

First from a guy who had some misunderstanding
during their high school life and both have
some issues that caused them to leave each
other life.
During the process, he secretly helped
her as he kind of find out what was happening.

The rest, watch it yourself (:

If only i can meet a guy like him.
I won't regret living. HA.
Thats why i am so focus on being a korea singer/actress
i guess. so i can get to live in this kind
of fairy tales. ;D

pasttime game.

OMG. im playing gunbound again O_____O
do you often stroll and think about
someone whom you still may have feelings for,
but you are uncertain about the relationship?

when you are thinking if you should send him/her
a message, and suddenly a thought flash and
you decide not to..

i do (:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


i love this performance.

long time since i have blogged.
so, hm.
shall update soon abt korea trip.