Saturday, March 19, 2011

korea day 1 + 2.

Good morning everyone~

i arrived at korea on thursday. haha~
it was a miracle tt i find my hostel rightaway.
without getting lost.

as i guess, im a genius finding places. (hohoho)

after that i went around hongdae
and got my nails done and i met muni~
we went to have beef samgyeopsal~
after that we were kind of lost finding
this jim jil bang called happy day
of course in e end we found it. HAHA.

after that we spent the time in it until
she gt to go at 11.
hmm. i stayed overnight. and i swear
i will nvr go in the sauna for more than 40mins
-.- i thought that i was having fever
because of my headache and i feel HAWT.
but i still slept while hearing ppl walk in and
out. ~_~

then i went to hongdae guesthouse~~
everyone was having breakfast den,
and i realised they are from SINGAPORE!
super coincidence. i say.

after that went to my room to settle down
then to have breakfast.
after that came back and arranged some stuffs.

after that i went to myeongdong
and also ddm. seriously.
i was quite pissed at ddm (dong dae mun)
i went to find padding jumper (wind breaker)
and i saw one that i really liked.
and i just walk around somemore to find perhaps
one even better?
and i forgot where it was.
and when i found it, wth the owner
wasn't there and
i have to go back for hostel's pizza party.
so after that i went hongdae
again, with nurul and weiting.
saw some perf at the playground. like
wow, so many ppl watching as if it is a
club by their own~
oh did i say that we bought a LOT of rings?

then we went to this cafe called something bene.
coffee bene? o.O
uhm. yeah i got vanilla frappe and it tasted like
ice cream -.- should have got choco instead.
uhm nurul got this green tea latte and it
haha and we met some friends here~
One is from korea hyun jae and
another one is from japan! KATO SEIJI~
haha. they are damn nice. :D

anyway after that we went back to our guest house.

OH, some korean guy in myeongdong
thought that i was korean and started talking
to me randomly about dreams -.-
he is nt scouting right. totally dont look
like a scouter. maybe a christian? LOL.
and. another one i forgotten o.o

im so korean. HEHE.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan's earthquake.

Seriously. people are getting anxious about
the so call end of the world?

Will the world end in 2012 Twin towers- 09/11/01 Japan Quake-03/10/11 TOGETHER- 12/21/11?

seriously. the earth quake has not happen yet.
y for worried for something that is the future?
its kind of worried for nothing
then u as well start worrying for your death
no matter there is end of the world or not.

or you can actually view it differently.
You should start treasuring people around you more,
instead of going crazy over end of the world.
since your time is short.

i heard tt some americans are actually not working
because of the end of the world.
what happens if there's no end of the world?
don't be stupid.
this shouldn't serve as a bloody negative thing,
but to treasure whoever, whatever you have.
as so called, 珍惜眼前人, 知足常乐

if just because of earthquakes ppl are thinking
about the end of the world, there's always a first time
in the whole century right?
For god's sake, 8.9 earthquake.
sure got first time 5+ earthquake one right.
and if everyone starts thinking world is ending soon
after each earthquake. what's going to happen then?

you want to die go ahead. no one is stopping you.

but one sentence.
don't waste your life away.
be it for love, for end of the world.
think about ur family, loved ones.
the purpose living in the world.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


mireen is going korea soon! 17march :D