Thursday, December 30, 2010

i've got to get used to the
off days. or else, .____.

stop the negative thoughts girl!


i know i have did something wrong.
i know that i should have ask for
your permission first.
i know that it might be dangerous.
i know that you are worried for me.
i know that i am stupid.
i know that actually there may be bad stuffs
but i thought that if i am sharp enough
then it is alright to proceed with it >:
i know that i should have think more.
i know that i am a bad girl that
did not think for you >:

sorry >:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

current regret,

my current regret is the
first hamster that i ever have.
why did i gave it away?


i still remembered the day when
it ran out of cage,
and found it under a sofa..
somehow, its leg got injured,
causing it to be crippled. ):
i think i cried over it.

kind of missed it always.
sometimes the night mare i get is that
i dreamt that i forget to feed my hamster.

how scary is this. ha.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

sometimes hearing things that
you think is okay may not be okay to you.

hm. shuo shi hua, you yi dian shock dao.
dont understand.


lets see.

tml sch 9-4 (wth)
after 4 go to orchard change my iphone.
then meet mr mah and my eh hem and some
other friend. wondering hw mr mah can cope.

8 to keyboard lesson.

morning go ubi.
(didn't went today. kind of miscalculated the timing to sch)
go where then? i think 2.35 im going to clash a driving lesson.
hm. then at night, still not sure if there is dance lesson.
i can't skip my modern anymore. skipped too much
for project. feeling very guilty towards ryan ):

oh, i went for some wedding dinner tonight.
random thoughts of getting married. -.-
can't believe i am going to do that. =/ LOL.
too much random thoughts. -.-

maybe keeping a distance
would make our relationship sweeter but.

Monday, December 6, 2010

my mum says im becoming more
and more SOTONG. because im in love.

did i? maybe there's a little bit ):
looking at the carelessness. =/

anyway. wasn't really happy with the result
for my exam. rah.

y project datelines just cannot stop coming?
damn it.

heh, I <3 you.

Friday, December 3, 2010

why love cannot be just simple and sweet?

why must it comes with jealousy, vain, lies
sex and denial?