Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Teachers' Day!

Hmm. i kind of miss my miss chia~
hahas. she's really a great teacher.
anyways. i received my first ever
teachers' day present from my tuitee.
like omgg~ so touched and happy! ^^v
and we should always keep a thankful
heart to people who have helped and taught us.
seriously. actually perception is important.
for example, today. i wanted to give
some seat to a person guess what,
my laptop dropped. in my perception,
she shld have at least say sorry or
something right? but she didn't. like wth.
but in her perception she may just think
tt its my own fault what. what for say sorry?
anyway, we should always feel thankful
to the trees and leaves that always helped
us to recycle our oxygen. somehow i feel
happy when i say thank you to the trees
and the flowers.
*yes i must be mad.

weird dreams.


i have damn loads of weird
dreams. HAHA.

i dreamt tt i went travelling with SHINee.
beautiful dreams come true right. HAHA.

anyways. hmm.
i have to mug. yes.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

this is getting wrong.

there's something wrong with me.
perhaps its because
i didnt get the thing that i wanted
for too long hence, i m crazy over it
right now.

relax girl, you have to choose the right one!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

worries, and.


i bet this is the first time i ever felt so
tensed up and nervous.

because, its her.

i am so going to dig up old songs
and add my repetoire to the max.
she said 200 -.- like gawd.

yeap. i have to go step by step.
and yes i have a bad thing about me
is that i like to rush.

and rush
and rush. like
broom broommmm~

yes. step by step.
follow what she says and
i won't be wrong.

search engine.

omo, i just realised
that there are people that find my
blog using search engines - bling.

im honoured.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

sharing sessionn.

i have started to see a bigger
picture for making drama..

its very difficult to capture
the audience interest..

you have to push and pull
but keeping it as a balance.

if you push too much
by giving them the desired
moment that they love, they
will think that its too stupid,
too simple, too plain. but still,
not all people will dislike it la..

if too much sadness, who will even want to
watch it? it adds on to the stress that they
have in life.

watching drama can actually relieve
stress, i bet you didn't know.
sadness just makes
the happy moment part a
more prominent and satisfying
moment for each and every audience.

just a thought to share!
haha it seems like my life as well.

oh wells. jiayou!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


i've stupidly, silly*ly,
burnt my face.

CURLER. ugh.

yes. its going to stay there for
a month or 2.

yes, people will think its
originally there and
i will look ugly.

stupid me.
if someone fail to live to their
beliefs and mission.
its a failure.

if someone fail to have moral
values in life.
its also a failure.

if someone fail to reach their
target. is it a failure?
NO. it depends.

it depends on how much effort
you put into,
how much you put your heart into.
did you do your very best?

for now,
no. i did not put my whole bet on
it yet. but soon,
i will


(: got a job
at tampines one.

i just started working there.
hopefully everything goes
well today (its my first day!)

fighting people!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Went for one miliion star's audition.
failed to get in.
as always, try harder.

went to sushi tei for dinner?
kind of failed my expectation,
since the scape's sakae sushi was better.

went for gym outing today.
random thoughts.
kids actually exercise through
playing at the playground..
how i wish that i can play at the
playground to slim down too ):

but not arms ):